Building and maintaining that all important list

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You want to get some attention from customers and prospects, but they have a short attention span. That’s just the way thing are today. To get them to put you on their radar screen you have to attract to a target pulsing with something really useful – valuable information that will help them solve their problems. To do that, however, you must first have a list. Then you must maintain it.

Here are some ways to build your list.

  1. Trade Shows – If you attend trade shows…as most do these days,,,make sure you get something to show for all the money you spent to be there. One opportunity was to visit with customers and hot prospects. But what about those who are just casually shopping. They’re prospects too. Maybe not tomorrow, but down the road. By stopping at your booth these visitors initiated a relationship. Now it’s up to you to keep it going. Collect their names either via automated carding or old fashioned business card. Then, when you return from the show, capture that valuable contact information in a spreadsheet. This is the start of your permission-based email marketing list.
  2. Inquiry calls – Every inquiry should be seen as an opportunity for obtaining contact information, including email address. This sounds obvious, but all too often, unless there is a demonstrated interest in purchasing or obtaining specific information, that contact information is either not gathered or not passed on to the person responsible for updating the mailing list. If you have not given someone this responsibility do it ASAP!
  3. Your sales personnel – Most sales folks have their own list of prospects. It’s their bread and butter. Make sure all the names in your sales personnel’s customer and prospect files are also in your email marketing database so that they can receive appropriate information about your products and services via a thoughtful, unobtrusive email marketing outreach program.

And here’s how to maintain your list.

  1. First, assign someone the task of overseeing the list. He or she should be the conduit through which all information flows.
  2. Your initial master list should be developed in spreadsheet format. Additions can be made with notations as to date added.
  3. Estasblish a certain time at the end of the week for updating the list with new names compiled during that week.
  4. If you are entering lists from a trade show, make up separate labeled spreadsheets for each show. This will come in handy for follow-up mailings to the list.
  5. Employ a service such as Constant Contact for your emailing program. Constant Contact is inexpensive, convenient and forms a central part of our Productivity Marketing programs.
  6. Post your master spreadsheet on Constant Contact and then simply add the new names or delete the old ones weekly. As noted above, enter separate listings for trade shows or any groups where specialized mailings might be in order.

By following these simple steps, you’ll have an effective list of prospects and be in position to regularly disseminate information about the company thereby keeping your name at the forefront when a buying opportunity presents itself. Need help? Simply email Ross Hudson and we’ll gladly schedule an appointment to review your situation.


About Ross Hudson

Ross Hudson is a 30-year advertising and marketing veteran with particular experience in the business to business arena.
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