A Very Simple Way to Win Customers!



A long time ago in my marketing communications career, I was sitting across the table from the Vice President of Marketing for a brand new client. He started the conversation with a question that has stayed with me for more than two decades.

“Do you know why we chose you instead of the others we interviewed.”

“No,” I said in all honesty.

“It was because when you discussed marketing communications with us you always used  the words ‘we’ and ‘our’— as in ‘how do we present this concept to new customers’ or ‘what are our marketing objectives for the next quarter?”

“Everybody else we interviewed used the word ‘you’ and ‘your’ when they wanted to get at the same type of information. We could tell that, in your own mind you already saw yourself as part of our team and that made it very easy for us to select you.”

Because this trait was something that came to me naturally I was surprised to learn that it was something that differentiated me from my competitors. This experience showed me how important it is to see things through the customer’s eyes and how doing so paves the way for winning new business and maintaining sound, long-lasting relationships.

So before you try to develop any sort of marketing communications piece take a little time to first see what you are about to present through your customers eyes. That one change of perspective can work wonders. Need to talk about your marketing communications program, contact Ross Hudson to schedule a visit to your company.


About joelcassola

Joel Cassola is a commercial journalist who has written feature articles and case histories for clients in more than 100 trade magazines.
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