Our Productivity Marketing program encompasses four interconnected elements geared to reaching out to customers and prospects and engaging them so that when the time is right, you are on their short list.


 Maintaining the foundation…your web site… Keeping it attractive, relevant, logical, handy to navigate and easy to find.

Creating good content…We develop content that is informative, helpful, opinion-leading information about your field. And we keep this material updated frequently as a resource that customers and prospects rely on.

Reaching out…We use the content we’ve developed as a legitimate opportunity to engage prospects with frequent, cost effective direct mail, email and editorial appearances.

Sustaining the effort…Week by week, month by month, the good content on your site becomes an increasingly valuable resource for your customers and prospects.

That’s the productivity marketing approach. And it works!  This all-inclusive program is available for one low monthly fee and supervised by a team of experienced experts in all facets of advertising and marketing.

Contact Ross Hudson  for a free first consult to evaluate your situation and discover how our Productivity Marketing program could work for you. Rest assured, your time will be well spent.


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