Productivity Marketing from:

HCC/Hudson & Co.
24B Main Street
Wickford, RI 02852
(401) 230-4909

What Our Clients Are Saying:

  • Kimberly Madden, Coordinator, NN, Inc. Precision Engineered Products Group
    “In just one short year they assisted in the development of 55 well-researched case studies and e white papers. They also assisted with creation of some marketing strategies for implementation. They are forward thinkers, good team players and a pleasure to work with. If I had questions or needed an update they were always there with detailed responses about valuable next steps and how to integrate changes”
  • Bruce Northrup, Vice President & General Manager, Meister Abrasives USA., Inc.
    “I really do value the services you provide and am happy with the work we have done together in recent years. You have helped us come out of the shadows and be proactive in getting ourselves out there. I have received lots of positive feedback.”
  • Christian Adams, IT Program Manager, Hi-Tech Mold & Tool, Inc.
    “You and your colleagues are very professional and have done an excellent job with the website and starting the marketing structure for our clients.”



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