Your Team

A group of talented experts with proven track records in their respective disciplines manages this all-inclusive program. They’ll work hand-in-hand with you and your colleagues in the program’s implementation. They also understand and know how to work within tight time parameters.

Joel Cassola jF07dAiLPYKGPPW3ieYL0Nr7EV6HTTrukicDF6celc0,U_F0xbo-JdC6OdgTrnEBzJZQUl6Maj-XtYhRHGec1M4

Joel’s interviewing, research, writing and program management skills have proven invaluable to numerous business to business clients over the years. A commercial journalist, he is published regularly in leading trade magazines.

Ross Hudsonross

An experienced professional offering hands-on support, excellent follow-through and lean pricing, Hudson has, for many years, been providing marketing and copy support services to businesses and financial institutions throughout New England.

photo2Jeanne Albrektson

For over 30 years, working with businesses large and small, local and global, Jeanne has earned a well-deserved reputation for creative graphic design, branding and identity development solutions. Her strong, diverse portfolio testifies to her ability to handle virtually any professional assignment.


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